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Now go and finish thing thing 4!

Don't get me wrong, it was a great game. But you should be working on what the people want- Thing Thing 4!

Very Interactive!

This game was very complicated, but I picked it up easily. The only idea I have is to have a story mode, where you have some combot tournament or something. This is a great start, and has a lot of potential to be amazing.

My combot that can beat three mitmen is E00E04EB72C1D0237583FBEFB84352 7BE9A56AA

I don't know.

I don't know what it was like, since it wouldn't load. Go to the flash help section to get a preloader. It should be pretty easy to find. Then, while you are still there, go to "how to optimise audio." Then, you will have a LOT more room for your other guns. It looked like it could have been good, but I wasn't able to view it.


JarredJoffe responds:


This is amazing!

Bookmarked for great justice.

Thank You

I have been trying to do a game like this for some time, so I was very pleased to see this. Thank you very much. This will help in my flash skill. This is awesome, keep it up.

One bug...

On the "save 2 happys" level, sometimes there are no happys to save. You should fix that. Also, how do you fill the balloon?

i think theres a glitch

today, i was worth $7(sad, i know). after more B/P points, I was DOWN to $5(WTF???) then, after I tried to fix it, I was worth -$2.18.
You should fix this.

Not Good At All

You Need to rework this. First of all, you need to make it impossible to right-click, play to go to the next level. Also, don't make it return to the start. Give us a score! Trust me, this just happened to me, too,

Element responds:

sorry.. im still a n00b at flash.

good but you can improve...

you could add music, like the last guy said, but you should also have the character react to more things. It's not realistic for him to see "NO WAY OUT" and not do anything. Still, It's a great game, and I give it a 4/5

Awesome, but...

level 19 is a bitch. Help, please?

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